Cities In Lebanon


Beirut is a gorgeous city and is the capital and largest city of Lebanon with a population of over 2.1 million as of 2007. Located on a peninsula at the midpoint of Lebanon’s coastline with the Mediterranean Sea, it serves as the country’s largest and main seaport and also forms the Beirut Metropolitan Area, which consists of the city and its suburbs.

Entertainment & Attractions

The once destroyed town center is thriving once again and is much active. Its former reputation as a crossroads between three continents and gateway to the East has been restored and modernized. Beirut is the oft-invoked “Paris of the East”, and there is plenty of sightseeing, shopping, cuisine, and nightlife to keep a tourist within the city limits for the duration a visit to Lebanon. The city has sleek, modern buildings alongside arabesque Ottoman buildings, giving Beirut a unique and distinctive style often not seen in other Middle Eastern cities. In Travel and Leisure magazine’s World Best Awards 2006, Beirut was ranked 9th best city in the world. However, the list was voted upon before the war broke out in Lebanon that same year. Tourist numbers have increased exponentially these last few months. Recently, Lonely Planet named Beirut as ranking in its 2009 top ten liveliest cities on the planet.

Nightlife: Night Clubs(Buddah Bar, White, Music Hall, Sky Bar…), Pubs( Jemayzeh District)

- Lebanese Cuisine (Abdel Wahab, Al bAlad, Diwan Al Sultan Ibrahim, Karam)
- American Cuisine (T.G.I. Friday’s, Bob’s restaurant, Mandaloun grill)
- Armenian Cuisine (Al Mayass, Mayrig)
- Frensh Cuisine (Le particulier, Chez Paul, La Table d’Alfred, Le Ciel)

Shopping Malls & Districts: ABC Ashrafiyeh, Beirut Mall, Hamra Shopping District, Verdun Shopping District, Mar Elias Shopping District

Places of Entertainment: Art Galleries (Alwane Gallery), Theatres (Theatre de Beyrouth, Aresco Palace Theatre)

Resorts & Spa: Spa & Massage (The Spirit Spa, Phoenicia Spa), Resorts (Movempick, Le Creneaux)

Cultural Attractions

Mosques: Al omari mosque, Al amen mosque, khatem Al anbiya’ mosque
Museums: Beirut National Museum(daily not Monday); Sursock Museum(daily); American University of Beirut Antiquities Museum(weekdays only); Espace SD(daily not Sunday)
Churches: the saint louis church of the capucins; Maronite Evangelical church of Beirut; Saint Mary’s orthodox church; Lebanon Babtist church
Archeological Sites: roman bathes (down town); martyrs square; grande seraille; star square; parliament ;ottoman clock


- Biel- Int’l exhibition & leisure centre
– Biel- Joaillerie Liban
– Movempick- Family fun day